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Hi and welcome to the Star Glass Ltd website

We are closed from Monday 19th December 2016 until Tuesday 3rd January 2017

We are a UK wholesale-based company and have been supplying retailers in the United Kingdom since 1991.   Our established glassware is well known, very beautiful and extremely collectable and sought after.

Our collections of fine quality glassware are individually handcrafted. Each piece is mouth-blown and hand decorated, the pieces and the colour intensity will vary, depending on the artist's application of colours.

On some of the pieces of this unique glassware, a swirl or an air bubble may be found, which is one of the attractions of something mouth-blown and emphasises the individual nature of the glassware.   With all of our collections we have designed them so the shapes and colours are in perfect harmony with one another.

We have a wide choice of classic and modern styles, which are ideal for special occasions and everyday use.   The designers, artists and retailers go to great lengths to ensure the quality, integrity and individuality of each piece, which means affordable works of art in glass that you will treasure and be proud to own.